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Experience, Capital and Commitment to Entrepreneurship

We help entrepreneurs to succeed.

Washington Research Foundation and WRF Capital have played an instrumental role in identifying and nurturing some of the region’s most promising technology innovations. We are passionate about entrepreneurship and have a deep understanding of how emerging technologies should be developed and how strong companies are built. We provide entrepreneurs with the tools and experience that will enhance your odds of success.

We help bridge the gap between innovative idea and marketable product. Through WRF's commercialization gap funding, we can quickly provide the initial capital needed to support the development of early-stage technologies.

We provide venture capital support. As a leading early-stage investor, WRF Capital, our venture capital arm, works with entrepreneurs, investors, research institutions and industry partners to transform great ideas into successful businesses.

We are partners at every stage of the entrepreneurial journey. Our team understands the opportunities and challenges inherent in developing early-stage technologies and businesses. We do what it takes to advance the ball, even if all you have is a few presentation slides and a big idea. Our involvement often comes at a critical time when early investment and advice can make a substantial difference. We will share your passion and encourage you to partner with us.

Our success supports our philanthropy. We are highly motivated to succeed. Unlike other investment firms, we use the profits that we generate from investing to support the philanthropy of the Washington Research Foundation. Our investment returns support commercialization programs, graduate and undergraduate fellowships, faculty retention and recruitment programs, and other initiatives designed to stimulate scholarship and the advancement of science at our local academic research institutions. Our returns are invested in our region's future.

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We welcome early discussions about your technology or startup business. Please contact us at info@wrfcapital.com.

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