Washington Research Foundation | WRF Capital

Comprehensive and Insightful Research

WRF Research Services applies current industry knowledge and an array of investigative tools to provide sophisticated and valuable insights.

Managed by a full-time information expert skilled in conducting research in the life sciences, physical sciences and information technology sectors, we specialize in the following areas of research:

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Company valuation comps
  • Technology valuation and royalty rates
  • Market research and industry profiles
  • Medical device pipeline research
  • Pharmaceutical pipeline research
  • Patent landscape research
  • Prior art searches

With years of experience helping commercialize technologies, we are adept at quickly understanding the context of complex information requests and applying advanced search methods to access the most important information.

In addition to supporting Washington Research Foundation and WRF Capital, our services are available to technology transfer offices throughout Washington state, WRF Capital portfolio companies and WRF Venture Center tenants.

Contact Us

For more information about our resources and rates, please contact:

Kim Emmons, BS, MLIS
Manager of Research and Information Services
Washington Research Foundation
(206) 336-5600

Ms. Emmons is a member of the following professional associations: